Soul Mission, Life Vision, English Netherlands

4 dni

Soul Mission * Life Vision 4-day intensive workshop
Thursday – Sunday, October 1 – 4, 2020

Kapellerput Conference Center
Heeze, The Netherlands

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Registration Fee (does not include lodging and meals):
Before June 1, 2020—€ 1250,00 (excludes 21% VAT)
After June 1, 2020—€ 1450,00 (excludes 21% VAT)

4 day lodging and meals based on a single room is € 505,45 (excluding 9% VAT)

Workshop Description

At some point in our lives, most of us ask: Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing? How do I fit into my family, community, the world? What is my greatest potential?

Imagine if those questions could be answered. Imagine knowing your life’s purpose so clearly that you could state it boldly without hesitation in a few powerful words. Imagine living every day in complete alignment with that purpose, giving an important gift to the world—a gift that is uniquely yours.

The Soul Mission * Life Vision 4-day intensive workshop is a powerful program designed to help you do exactly that. It is an investment in your soul—an investment in the deeper qualities of inner peace, joy, and meaning in your life—essential qualities for a life of fulfillment and reward. This program offers a unique blend of spiritual connection, interactive and experiential approaches, meditation and ritual for self-empowerment, and practical application. In these four days you will recognize your special gifts and talents, break through old patterns and limitations that have held you back, and take significant steps toward realizing your full potential.

One of the many extraordinary features of this program is the personal guidance, leadership, and support you receive. Registration for these retreats is limited to 24 participants. This assures you the personal attention you need to get the most out of this experience. Give yourself the gift of this liberating and empowering intensive workshop and step into the life you are meant to live.