Online Transformational Presence Leadership in Action (TPLA), English

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A professional development program for people committed to transformation 
Online version of the TPLA led in English by Joanna Zawada-Kubik, MCC, CTPC and Sander van Eekelen, CTPC

1 pm – 5:30 pm CET on Tuesday, June 16, 23, and 30, 2020
9 am – 1:00 pm CET on Wednesday, June 17 and 24, 2020

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Registration Fee for Pilot Program
€ 597 (excludes VAT) before 31 May 2020
€ 797 (excludes VAT) after 31 May 2020

Workshop Description
A powerful conscious leadership movement is now emerging in many parts of the world. Within this movement, there is widespread agreement that new skills and tools, as well as broader capacities for awareness and perception, are needed if we are going to lead the world forward in the most effective, impactful, and transformative ways. These new skills and capacities require us to stretch far beyond the familiar, analytical, knowledge-based, figure-it-out approaches found in traditional leadership environments into more creative, discovery-based, transformational approaches. And this is what Transformational Presence is all about.

Transformational Presence Leadership is built not only on a philosophy or a set of ideas or beliefs; it’s also built on a particular set of practical skills, tools, frameworks, and approaches. It’s leadership built on open and expansive worldviews; a keen sense of how to navigate unfamiliar or unknown territory; and the wisdom to know when to take action and when to pause and let things settle. It’s an approach that builds and expands our capacities for awareness, understanding, perception, and effective action – capacities that are essential for navigating today’s rapidly changing world.

In the Japanese culture, there is a concept called kokoro, which literally translates to mean “mind, heart, spirit.” It’s about alignment of energy in your “being.” If you want to accomplish something or to have something, the concept of kokoro asks, “What are the qualities of the person who would have that or do that?” In other words, if that is what you want to do or have, then who must you be and what skills must you have?

Alan Seale believes that the foundation of conscious leadership is built on the qualities, characteristics, and skills of four modern-day archetypes: the Seer, the Explorer, the Co-Creator, and the Ambassador. 

The Seer looks beyond the obvious to perceive emerging patterns, connections, and potential that most people do not notice.

The Explorer is skilled at walking into the unknown, making new discoveries, reading the “signals” that will show where to go next, and blazing trails into new frontiers.

The Co-Creator collaborates with ideas and people to create new structures and forms that are relevant to today’s emerging opportunities and challenges.

The Ambassador builds bridges of understanding and awareness.

As we develop the qualities and skills of these archetypes within ourselves, we begin to prototype a new kind of leadership for today’s rapidly changing and uncertain world.

Transformational Presence can help you become a new kind of leader—a leader who is:

  • More present and aware of what is happening on many levels
  • More receptive to messages, signals, and information all around, both seen and unseen, spoken and unspoken
  • More responsive to the emerging realities of today and tomorrow
  • More creative and innovative
  • More resilient in the face of challenge and disappointment

Join Alan for this interactive and experiential three-day development program. Come prepared to explore, intuit, invite, and learn simple yet powerful tools and approaches that can help you and those you serve break through old patterns and transform ways of living and working.

Transformational Presence is a leadership approach whose time has come—a way of living, leading, and serving that can create a world that works.